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Our legal team are specialists in all aspects of Canadian immigration and citizenship law. Maynard Kischer Stojicevic was recognized as one of Canada’s top 5 immigration law boutiques in Canada.

The strength of our firm is our in-depth knowledge of not only how immigration law works, but how immigration policy is implemented and the impact it has on processing.

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Reliance on temporary foreign workers has increasingly become an important part of many companies’ human resources strategy. Our firm handles all manner of Temporary Foreign Worker issues and has developed strategies that can streamline processing, as well as maximizing chances for success. With a long and proven track record, MKS has successfully processed work permits applications in all categories for our many corporate clients. Hospitality (including restaurants and hotels) mining, construction, high-tech, marine and engineering are some of the industries with which we work most often.
With provinces now picking upwards of 20% of the immigrants that come to Canada, Provincial Nomination has become, for many, the preferred means of immigrating to Canada. Our team has one of the largest and busiest Provincial Nomination practices in Western Canada and can help incorporate Nomination as part of any company’s foreign worker’s strategy. As pioneers in this sub-field, we have helped companies turn hundreds of foreign workers from all around the world into Canadian permanent residents.
With hundreds of thousands of applications to Canada being filed each year, refusals are inevitable. If someone has been treated unfairly by a tribunal or by an immigration officer, there may be recourse. Under Canada’s immigration laws, almost all refused applicants have the right to seek leave for judicial view of their failed/refused applications. In addition, most permanent residents and most sponsors also have rights to appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board. Our lawyers have successfully represented clients in such cases before the Federal Court of Appeal, the Federal Court, as well as all three divisions of the Immigration and Refugee Board. We handle Removal Order Appeals, Residency Appeals, Admissibility Hearings as well as Sponsorship Appeals.
Applying for Permanent Residence to Canada has generally required a person to be both “selected” (meaning that they meet the criteria of the category they applied under) and “admissible”. Since the advent of Ministerial Instructions in 2008, however, qualifying for a category is no longer enough. Now, determining factors include whether an applicant's category is Open or Closed, a priority or not, and if it has a quota attached to it. This has made the processing of applications both unpredictable and challenging, with the Government of Canada constantly changing processing priorities. It is critical now that potential applicants consult with qualified counsel to assess the situation at any given moment, and be able to react quickly to take advantage of opportunities. Our team stays on top of all developments so as to develop timely strategies that will enable clients to navigate the complex web of processing as efficiently as possible.
Whether you intend to come to Canada for a week or a year, getting advice from our firm is never a bad idea. Permits may be required, customs issues may arise and the right documents will be needed. Greater scrutiny of travelers has become a fact of life when attempting to enter Canada. Inevitably, something from someone’s past will be raised and may result in them being barred from entry. Our firm can assist with special types of permits and applications that can overcome inadmissibility and allow you to enter Canada.

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The border and rules that may keep you out of Canada

Continuing the conversation on the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) and how things work at the border, Maynard Kischer Stojicevic partners Alex Stojicevic and Gordon Maynard  once again joined host Zack Spencer of CISL 650’s The Law Show to address questions of enforcement issues at the border. Along with other government bodies, the CBSA has the power to decide whether a person can come into Canada or not. Sometimes, people […]
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The BCPNP, foreign workers and Minister McCallum vs. the bureaucrats

On the latest episode of  The Law Show, Maynard Kischer Stojicevic partners Alex Stojicevic and Rudolf Kischer tackled Canadian immigration including the B.C. provincial nominee program (BCPNP), temporary foreign workers and the inner-workings of the new Liberal government. “Immigration is generally seen as a federal jurisdiction, but the provinces have managed to make some in-roads to get some control over that. The BCPNP allows the province to select who comes […]
June 13, 2016
Citizenship and Immigration Lawyers - Canada

The Law Show on Minister McCallum and the CBA national conference

Having recently attended the Canadian Bar Association national conference, Maynard Kischer Stojicevic partners Alex Stojicevic and Rudolf Kischer spoke to host Zack Spencer on CISL 650’s The Law Show on the latest Canadian immigration and citizenship news from Minister John McCallum, who attended the conference. The partners reported a changing attitude from the new government, as Minister McCallum highlighted the bar’s valuable role as stakeholders, whereas previous governments have criticized […]
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Citizenship, employer compliance and the changing system

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