A full service
Canadian Immigration
Law boutique

MKS specializes in
Canadian immigration
and citizenship law

We have been recognized as one of Canada’s Top 5 Immigration Law boutiques.

Our firm advises individuals, public and private companies, universities, not-for profit organizations, as well as other law firms. By focusing exclusively on Canadian immigration and citizenship law, we are able to provide our clients with in-depth knowledge of how immigration law and policy works.

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MKS Immigration
and Team

Founded in November 2002, by Gordon Maynard and Aleksandar Stojicevic, MKS is a firm specializing in Canadian immigration and citizenship law.

We focus exclusively on Canadian immigration and citizenship law. Each lawyer and team member is committed to providing our clients with exceptional service.

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Companies that use MKS Immigration Law

  • MKS offers clear, professional service to ensure that staff visa and permit queries are quickly resolved.    
    Catherine Gordon – Director Human Resources
    David Suzuki Foundation
  • Working with MKS to offer people a new life has been an extraordinary experience!
    Jane Frohlick – Human Resources Director
  • Sourcing engineering talent globally MKS overcomes the challenges of dealing with Immigration Canada.
    Mr. Max Mollineaux - Human Resources Generalist
    Delta-Q Technologies
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