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August 10, 2015
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Alex and Rudi talk political policy on The Law Show

During their August appearance on CISL 650’s The Law Show, Maynard Kischer Stojicevic partners Alex Stojicevic and Rudolf Kischer spoke to host Stirling Faux about the current government’s progress on citizenship and immigration issues, as well as the platforms of opposing parties in the upcoming federal election.

The conservative government’s recent changes to Canada’s immigration policies have seen success in some areas, but failures in others, Alex explains. While changes have initially reduced backlogs, they’ve also reduced program accesibility.

“The narrative that the government has come forward with here…they’ve looked at ways that they can process more efficiently,” says Alex. “To gain efficiencies, they’ve gone to systems that have taken away a lot of the human element out of immigration processing.”




Further issues with the conservative party’s immigration policies include its focus on economic immigrants, as opposed to family-class immigrants, which doesn’t match well with its self-professed “family party” status.

“If the conservative party is the family party, they should be taking care of the families,” says Rudi. 



On the other hand, the opposing NDP promises to bring the focus back to families if they are elected.

“The NDP is talking about that the importance should be families.It’s families that built Canada,” says Rudi. “They’ll definitely play on that and say that we should get away from the economic focus. One of the major parts of the immigration act is keeping families together.”



While there may be some differences between the Liberal and the NDP stance on immigration, one common is promise is to make immigration a bigger budget priority.

“Both the liberals and NDP have made pledges to throw more money back into the system,” explains Alex. “One of NDP pledges, for example, is a national daycare program and that’s to deal directly with an immigration problem — the live-in caregiver problem.”



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