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Americans, refugees and new travel rules


With a new Canadian government in place and an American election causing a stir south of the border, Maynard Kischer Stojicevic partners Gordon Maynard and Rudolf Kischer once again joined Zack Spencer on CISL 650’s The Law Show  to talk about the latest in Canadian immigration.

As the idea of Donald Trump becoming president becomes more of a reality, Americans, including some celebrities, are showing more of an interest in immigrating to Canada.

“We haven’t seen this type of interest happen for many years,” says Rudolf. “The last time I remember this happened was in Bush’s second term when he got elected in 2004. Right after the election we saw this massive increase in terms of Americans wanting to come to Canada.”

“No matter who gets elected in the states, I guess there are people that are unhappy and maybe unhappy enough that they start looking for another place to roost,” says Gordon.


Video one: Americans moving to Canada

For refugees coming to Canada, the new government has so far made good on their promise to bring in over 25,000 Syrian refugees.

“Its an absolutely fantastic story that I think Canada has every right to be very proud of,” says Rudolf. “Not only is the government paying for this, we’re also the only country in the world that has private sponsorship of refugees.”

However, some people from countries other than Syria may be getting pushed to the back of the immigration line and may have to wait longer to have their application processed.

“My advice to clients is, get some help and get it soon,” says Rudolf. “Go see somebody about what your process is — if it’s us or somebody else that’s licensed — to give you some advice and start that process sooner rather than later.”


Video two: Refugees

One of the new developments in Canadian immigration is the electronic travel authorization (ETA), which will be required of all travellers coming from certain countries, and will tell border officials about possible problems with the travellers before they even arrive.

“I have issues with that because I always took the view that when somebody comes to Canada, although they might have a small criminal record in the background, the border wouldn’t ask them,” says Gordon. “I always thought that was very wise. Because you don’t want to create a problem for every single traveller. There’s lots of people that have blemishes. Do you really want to have to deal with every one of those?”


Video three: Electronic travel authorization

The new ETA system is likely to cause issues for people with permanent residency, as there could be lag time between when someone’s permanent residency (PR) card expires, and when a new one is processed, making getting an ETA difficult.

“If you have a PR card that’s expired or expiring, I would really hesitate in terms of going and applying on your own,” says Rudolf. “You should look at coming to see a professional…You don’t want to make a mistake on those forms because if you do, then you’re in the eighteen-month pile.”


Video four: Permanent resident cards


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