December 5, 2012

CIC investigates Citizenship Fraud

In September of 2012, Jason Kenney, The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada announced that his department was investigating over 3,000 Canadian citizens that are suspected of citizenship fraud.  This is part of an investigation of a residence fraud ring that implicates possibly 11,000 individuals who allegedly lied in applying for citizenship or to maintain permanent resident status.
October 5, 2012

Family fined for misrepresenting where they were residing

The National Post reported on October 3 that a court in Québec fined the Ozcelik family a total of $120,000 for misrepresenting that they were residing in Montréal to a Canadian Border Guard. The article states that the family are Turkish nationals with permanent residency in Canada.  When asked by the border guard where they lived they stated that Montreal was their home.  The Ozcelik family also now risks losing […]