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MKS has helped numerous businesspeople from around the globe come to Canada to invest and/or start new enterprises in Canada. MKS can advise you on how to obtain permanent residency through an investment in a Canadian business or qualify under the Federal or Quebec investor programs. If you are starting a business in Canada we can direct you on how to obtain the necessary work permits so your business plan proceeds smoothly.
  • Advice for entrepreneurs looking to invest in Canada
  • Representation for investors looking to immigrate to Canada
  • Counsel for businesspeople coming to Canada as business visitors

Canada has a wide variety of options for the businessperson wanting to come to Canada. A lawyer at MKS will explore your choices with you after having an understanding of both your business and immigration goals.

For the businessperson looking to immigrate to Canada under a passive investment plan there are the Federal Investor and the Quebec Investor Programs. These programs require qualifying individuals with business experience to loan the Canadian or Quebec government money on an interest free basis prior to obtaining their Canadian permanent residency.

For individuals looking to have an active management role in a Canadian business there are a variety of Provincial Nominee Programs specific to each province. Many of the programs look for an investment of over $175,000 and can be entered into with a Canadian partner. There is usually a requirement to improve the business and hire Canadians. Some of these programs have fast track options to permanent residency.

For businesspeople investing in a business that will employ Canadians and wish to start work as soon as possible there are several options for obtaining work permits if a significant benefit to Canada can be shown. American citizens making a significant business investment in Canada also have the option of obtaining a work permit under the North American Free Trade Agreement.

MKS provides preliminary advice and referrals for clients starting their businesses on such issues as taxes, business premises, incorporation, customs and insurance. We also advise frequent business visitors what the law allows a business visitor to do in Canada without a work permit and if such facilitated entry programs such as Nexus may be suitable for them.

MKS can give you the necessary guidance whether you are an entrepreneur seeking to start a business in Canada or a business visitor coming frequently for business meetings. MKS can make sure your business plans stay on track.

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