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April 20, 2015
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Challenges of family immigration: Gordon and Alex on The Law Show

On May 10, 2015, MKS partners Gordon Maynard and Alex Stojicevic appeared on CISL 650’s The Law Show, once again, to discuss sponsoring family for immigration to Canada with host Stirling Faux.

Recent changes to immigration rules have made it harder for Canadian citizens or permanent residents to bring family to Canada. As Gordon explains, the federal government is refocusing its priorities for new Canadian immigrants.

“They made the changes because they wanted to focus on economic immigration, and family members aren’t seen as economic immigrants,” says Gordon.



Not only is the government accepting fewer applications for family class immigration, the processing times are getting longer.

“For the spousal category, the processing times are, in my opinion, crazy,” says Gordon. “They are taking 17 months just to get to the first stage of the application. Once they reach that point, it’s another 10 months to become a permanent resident. That’s over two years. They used to target it for six-months processing start to finish.”

As always, Alex suggests couples consult with a lawyer before starting the immigration process.

“Let’s face it; these things are very stressful on relationships,” says Alex. “People go into this not understanding that this is going to take a very long time. Educating the client on what to expect and steering them towards what would be the best for their objectives is a key part of our role.”



For those looking to sponsor a spouse that lives overseas, the processing times can be even longer.

“The actual processing varies widely and it can anything from half a year, eight months, to, more likely, two years and up to three years or so,” says Gordon.  



For the parental category, the waits can be so long that the person being sponsored may not even make it to Canada.

“If you get your application in, between the sponsor side of it and the parental side of it, you’re looking at 6 to 10 years,” says Gordon.

“There are many instances where people have died, unfortunately, before they’ve been able to be sponsored,” says Alex.



To find out more about how Alex, Gordon and the rest of MKS Immigration and Citizenship law can help bring loved ones to Canada, book a consultation.

The Law Show with Stirling Faux airs every Sunday on CISL 650 at 11:00 am.


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