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(DACA) Dreamer’s prospects for immigrating to Canada

Rudolf Kischer joins Fox 10 news to encourage “immigrants that are highly educated, young and speak English” to move to Canada, where there are a great number of jobs in cities such as Toronto, Windsor, and Vancouver.

The Fox 10 news segment discusses the many work opportunities available in Canada in response to President Trump declaring that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program will end in six months, meaning Congress has to figure out what to do with almost 800,000 young immigrants.

Rudolf Kischer appears on Fox 10 News segment about (DACADreamer’s prospects for immigrating to Canada

(DACA) is an American immigration policy established by the Obama administration to protect individuals who entered the country illegally as minors from deportation. The program gives these young undocumented immigrants protection from deportation for two years, and eligibility for a work permit. AS of 2017, there are approximately 800,000 individuals, referred to as Dreamers, enrolled in the program.

If the American Congress doesn’t pass a legislation that will let them stay in the United States, many Dreamers are already looking at moving up to Canada, and reportedly, Canada would love to have them. Rudolf Kischer states that “Canada has a very open economic policy”, and the country is eager to have highly-trained and educated Dreamers move there.  

Rudolf Kischer talks about the many job prospects in Canada and the opportunities for highly educated immigrants to move to Canada. He states that though “It is a very sad decision…for people living down there,…there are opportunities for them to come to Canada.” According to Kischer “we will see an uptick in business” with many professions on the rise. For example, Windsor City, being in close proximity to Detroit, has a growing number of jobs in tech, manufacturing, and engineering. The Fox 10 segment also points to Vancouver, where the tech industry is booming, and the film and television production has earned it the nickname of “Hollywood North”.


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