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Family class immigration and its alternatives on The Law Show

Family Class - Canadian Immigration

In their first return to CISL 650’s The Law Show  in 2016, Maynard Kischer Stojicevic partners Gordon Maynard and Alex Stojicevic talked to host Zack Spencer about the challenges around family class immigration and some alternatives to that system.

The family reunification immigration policies have changed over the years, making it harder for some people to bring their relatives to Canada. Despite the difficulties, many people still apply.

“We’re not in the same world we were in 20 years ago,” says Alex. “Places like China and India aren’t the same demographically. There aren’t 11 children somewhere to take care of mom and dad. There’s one or two. And if [they] have moved to Canada, then that responsibility has passed. Even if the demographics have changed, people’s sense of responsibility hasn’t.”

Video one: Family reunification


Even though family class immigrants may bring benefits to the country, economic immigrants are now favoured over parents and grandparents who may not work.

“They don’t like parents who put a drain on the system,” says Gordon. “Parents are not going to be paying income tax, they’re not going to be helping the economy, they’re going to cost money.”

Video two: Family class vs. economic class immigrants


The new federal government may not have met all their promises to bring in refugees, but there are much bigger systematic problems to worry about, says Gordon.

“There is a complete diminishment of the level of services in the government, at all levels,” says Gordon. “It’s hard for anybody to get information. The rules keep changing, there’s bad planning, there’s bad processing, there’s a lack of coordination and all the birds are coming home to roost now in 2016.”

Video three: Refugees and problems with the system


For those facing challenges bringing family over, there may be pathways to immigration outside the family class system.

“You have to be creative,” says Alex. “What we do with our clients is we sit down and we try to talk to everyone, the parents, the sponsors. What are everyone’s concerns? What do they want to do in Canada? Based on the answers to those questions, it’s sometimes possible to look at other alternatives.”

Video four: Alternatives to family class immigration


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