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Gordon Maynard tells CBC foreign worker policy is “not good math”

A Vancouver Thai restaurant is feeling the negative effects of the ban on temporary foreign workers in the Canadian food service industry, CBC news reports.

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In April 2014, federal employment minister Jason Kenney declared the Temporary Foreign Workers Program would be put on hold for the food service industry after allegations that a McDonald’s franchisee was abusing the program.

Owner of Sala Thai, Joy Kongslip, relies on cooks from Thailand to provide customers with an authentic culinary experience, reports CBC, and she says that the ban could ruin her business. Consequently, the over two-dozen Canadian workers employed by Sala Thai could lose their jobs if the restaurant goes under.

After almost 30 years in business, the restaurant is threatened by the inability to hire a few cooks from outside the country, reports CBC.

“For the sake of a handful of cooks in the back, you’re jeopardizing 30 jobs out front. That’s not good math,” Gordon Maynard of Vancouver immigration law firm Maynard Kischer Stojicevic told CBC.

Gordon Maynard of Vancouver immigration law firm Maynard Kischer Stojicevic

Many Canadians have expressed concern that the Temporary Foreign Workers Program means less jobs for locals, but Laura Jones, of the Canadian Federation of Independant Business explains to CBC that the problem is just the opposite,

“This might be good politics, but its not good public policy, because it’s putting Canadian jobs at risk,” says Jones.  “You shut down the temporary foreign worker program and we’ve got a lot of businesses telling us they’re going to have to scale down their operations.”

With the Temporary Foreign Workers Program being a recent hot topic in the media, this is not the first time  the MKS Law team has been asked to give their professional opinion on the topic. Along with Gordon’s latest appearance on CBC, Alex Stojicevic provided comment to CBC on both the McDonald’s scandal and the supposed abuses of the foreign workers program in general.

>Gordon Maynard is an award-winning lawyer with over 23 years of experience in immigration law, the last 12 of which he has spent with MKS Immigration Law.