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Business Immigration

MKS has helped numerous businesspeople from around the globe come to Canada to invest and/or start new enterprises in Canada.

MKS can advise you on how you can obtain permanent residency through an investment in a Canadian business or qualify under the Federal or Quebec investor programs. If you are starting a business in Canada we can direct you on how to obtain the necessary work permits so your business plan proceeds smoothly.

MKS can give you the necessary guidance whether you are an entrepreneur seeking to start a business in Canada or a business visitor coming frequently for business meetings. MKS can make sure your business plans stay on track.

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Company Work Permits and Immigration

If your business is seeking to employ foreign nationals or you are seeking to work in Canada we can help you gain the necessary work permits.

MKS counsels multinational corporations, local businesses and non- profit organizations from a variety of sectors such as mining, high tech and hospitality to gain the necessary work permits as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Reliance on temporary foreign workers has increasingly become an important part of many companies’ human resources strategy.

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Economic Class Immigration

If you are eligible for immigration to Canada in the Federal Skilled Worker, Canada Experience Class or Federal Skilled Trades Worker classes, then you want to enter the Express Entry pool and receive an Invitation to Apply for Permanent Resident status.

Express Entry is the government program for immigration applications in the economic classes. If you have education or training, work experience and English or French language abilities,

you may enter the Express Entry pool and receive an invitation to apply for permanent resident status.

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Family Class Immigration

Family reunification has been a major objective of Canadian immigration policy for the last generation. As a result, in any given year, as many as a third of Canadian immigrants have come to Canada through sponsorship by their family members with Canadian immigrant status.

Families are the backbone of this great country. If you are a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident, you can apply to sponsor your family to come live here. There are two different processes for sponsoring your family.

One process is used for sponsoring your spouse, conjugal or common-law partner and/or dependent children, including adopted children. Another process is used to sponsor other eligible relatives.

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Are you a Canadian Permanent Resident? Do you qualify for citizenship? These are sometimes tougher questions to answer than they seem.

Whether it is assessing whether you qualify or determining whether you have citizenship rights, our lawyers are very experienced in this type of analysis. In an increasingly turbulent world, being a Canadian citizen has never been more of an asset.

Canadian citizenship, however, has undergone multiple legislative changes in the past few years with thousands of people affected by every change in law, regulation or policy.

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Immigration Litigation

Have you been treated unfairly by Canada Border Services Agency, IRCC, or Service Canada?

If you are unhappy with the result or how you have been treated, there may be a remedy. Whether it is in Federal Court or at the Immigration and Refugee Board, our lawyers are all experienced litigators.

Our lawyers have successfully represented clients in such cases before the Federal Court of Appeal, the Federal Court, as well as all three divisions of the Immigration and Refugee Board.

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