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Internet dating site offers international love connection

Rudolf Kischer Canada Immigration Canadian Citizenship

Thousands of Americans, from everyday social media users to celebrities, have been talking about leaving their homeland and making a new home in Canada — all because the idea of Donald Trump as president seems too much to bear.

Now, one American entrepreneur is looking at offering a chance at love along with the chance of a new life in the North, CTV News Vancouver reports.  Joe Goldman’s website, Maple Match, offers users fearful of a Trump presidency the opportunity to connect with Canadians in the pursuit of romance.

What the site doesn’t offer is detail around the complexities of actually immigrating to Canada, the process for which requires much more than a love connection through an internet dating site.

“They’ll ask questions on the form,” Rudolf Kischer, partner at Maynard Kischer Stojicevic Immigration and Citizenship Law tells CTV. “Where did you meet?  Maple Match.  That sort of leads to the question, what was the primary purpose of the relationship when you got married?  Was it to be with that person or was it to immigrate to Canada, which is a grounds for refusal.”

Rudolf Kischer Canada Immigration Canadian Citizenship

As an immigration lawyer in Vancouver, Rudolf and the team at MKS have seen the interest in moving to Canada surge over the years as elections come around.  The last time there was immigration interest to this level was when George W. Bush was elected for a second time, Rudolf recently recalled to host Zack Spencer on CISL 650’s The Law Show.

For now, Maple Match, isn’t actually making matches between the over 20,000 Americans and over 5,000 Canadians that have joined the waitlist for the service.  The site started as a “social experiment”, Goldman tells CTV and it remains to be seen whether providing the service is actually feasible.

For Americans interested in immigration to Canada, whether for love or any other reason, MKS Immigration and Citizenship Law in Vancouver can provide valuable guidance on the process.

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