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Marriage fraud, foreign workers and express entry on The Law Show

Maynard Kischer Stojicevic partners Gordon Maynard and Rudolf Kischer paid another visit to Stirling Faux on CISL 650’s The Law Show.  on June 7. The group discussed the latest immigration stories in the news, foreign workers, and express entry to Canada.

Stirling cites a news story about a Vancouver nanny who wants to bring her daughter over from the Philippines. Unfortunately, her application has been denied, as her daughter is deaf and will supposedly cost the government too much money.

“It would be a totally different scenario if the nanny in this case were a Canadian citizen or permanent resident,” says Rudolf. “These are cases that we see in our office, and they are some of the saddest and hardest cases.”



Another case sees a Victoria, B.C. couple calling the guide that immigration officers use to determine if marriage is legitimate racist and offensive, as it includes standards that are not common across all cultures.

“We have to assume that the guide is merely a guideline for officers, it’s not a set of determinative standards they’re going to use to say yes or no to a case,” says Gordon. “Marriages don’t always follow that linear oath we assume they all should. People can fall in love for strange reasons. We should be able to accommodate that without being suspicious.”



Gordon and Rudolf recently took a trip to the annual Continuing Legal Education Symposium in Ottawa where the hot topic was new rules around foreign workers. Employers hiring low salary workers are seeing more restriction than before.

“For the low salary workers, it doesn’t matter if you can’t find Canadians,” explains Gordon. “They put a cap on it. The cap was put at 30 per cent last year, this June it goes to 20 per cent, and next year it goes to 10 per cent.”



Finally, Gordon explains the latest changes and challenges with the news express entry program.

“With express entry, nobody’s allowed to submit their own immigration application. You can jump into the express entry pool, but you’re not allowed to apply for immigration until the government selects you from the pool and issues an invitation to apply,” explains Gordon. “They didn’t have a chance to beta test this program. On January first they turned on the switch and everyone had to live with it. So it’s got some glitches.”



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