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MKS discuss new citizenship rules on The Law Show

In their February appearance on CISL 650 Radio’s The Law Show, Maynard Kischer Stojicevic partners Alex Stojicevic and Rudolf Kischer updated host Stirling Faux on the latest news in Canadian citizenship law, including new citizenship rules set to come into effect June 1, 2015, fraudulent immigration forms and how the new rules will affect dual citizenship.

To start, the Vancouver immigration lawyers tackled the issue of new legislation that will bring in changes to Canadian citizenship rules.

“There are changes to how we define residence. The word residence is now defined as physical presence in Canada,” says Alex. “In addition, there are tax filer requirements that didn’t exist in the previous legislation. There’s also a greater emphasis on language ability.”

The bottom line, Alex and Rudi explain, is that these changes, and others, will have wide-reaching effects, and anyone applying for citizenship will need to come in line with the new rules.



In addition to the changes above, the new legislation will also remove federal court oversight where someone is suspected of obtaining their citizenship fraudulently. The new rules will send those suspected of less serious fraud through a new administrative system, while those suspected of lying about criminal history will maintain their right to have their case heard by a judge.

“The people that we’re giving the most protection to are the ones that have been accused of a serious crime, or a war crime,” says Rudi. “Whereas, if someone is accused of maybe filling out a form wrong…those are the ones that we’re going to take away their citizenship without any judicial oversight.”



Even current citizens may be affected by new legislation, as new rules are brought in around dual citizenship.

“There are ways that dual citizens born in Canada…can now lose citizenship,” says Alex. “If you’re convicted of treason, an offense under the National Defence Act, of sedition, of half a dozen offenses in Canada now, and you get a life sentence, you can lose your citizenship. It’s the first time in history a Canadian could lose citizenship even if they’re born here.”



Finally, Alex and Rudi emphasize the importance of being prepared and how MKS Immigration and Citizenship Law can help.

“Contact somebody at our office. We’re happy to sit down with you and go over everything and make sure you’re starting out on the right foot, because this citizenship process also isn’t a short process,” says Rudi.



Book a consultation with Maynard Kischer Stojicevic to find out more about how they can help you navigate the latest Canadian citizenship and immigration changes.

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