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December 2, 2015
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MKS partner works pro-bono to help refugees

Canada’s federal government has announced it will accept 25,000 government-assisted refugees to aid those fleeing the crisis in Syria. Along with those receiving government support, about 10,000 refugees are being privately sponsored by community groups such as churches and mosques.


Private groups must commit to providing sponsored refugees with everything government funding would provide, including allowances for clothing, furniture, housing, food and other necessities. The process for privately sponsoring refugees is often complicated and because the cost of sponsoring is already high, many groups don’t have access to extra funds to pay for professional help.

That’s where the Refugee Sponsorship Support Program comes in. The Sponsorship Support Program (SSP) provides the groups wanting to sponsor refugees with free guidance from an expert group of pro-bono lawyers, law students and community organizations. Maynard Kischer Stojevic’s own Rudi Kischer is proud to be offering his pro-bono services through this important program.

“Private sponsorship gives more refugee families the chance to make a new life in Canada. But, many private sponsor applications are denied simply because of clerical errors,” says Rudi. “As an immigration and citizenship lawyer, I am honoured to offer my expertise to help these groups get through the application process so more refugees can call Canada home.”

Over 1000 lawyers have signed up to offer pro-bono services through the SSP  and, once matched with sponsorship groups, it’s estimated they will provide a total of $5 million in free legal services. The SSP is the only program of its kind in all of Canada, is mainly volunteer-based, and operates local chapters across the country. To learn more about the SSP and how you can help visit:

With a wealth of experience, including appearing frequently before the Federal Court of Canada and the Immigration Refugee Board and teaching immigration practice at the University of British Columbia for over 10 years, it’s no surprise Rudi Kischer is stepping up to lend his skills to the refugee cause. He does MKS Immigration and Citizenship Law proud.

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