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December 7, 2015
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Wrapping up 2015 on the Law Show with Alex and Rudi

For their final 2015 appearance on CISL 650’sThe Law Show Maynard Kischer Stojicevic partners Alex Stojicevic and Rudolf Kischer reviewed some of the big legal stories of 2015, talked about changes coming in 2016, and gave listeners an overview of what their law firm deals with on a daily basis.

“We have individual work that we do for individual clients as our personal services element of the practice,” says Alex. “We also work for institutional and corporate clients and our third segment is immigration litigation.”

“And while the government has been putting more information on the internet, people looking for proper guidance on immigration programs should still visit a lawyer”, says Alex.

“There’s certainly a lot more information available online…the problem is those websites tell you information without the interpretive element to it. What they’re not saying to you is, what works best in your case. And that’s the value our firm offers.”

Video One – MKS services and specialties:

In terms of 2015’s top citizenship and immigration cases, one of the most high-profile cases was the case of the woman who wanted to wear her niqab during her swearing in ceremony and was initially denied by the government.

“She took that to a federal court and the federal court sided with her and said it was freedom of religion,” explains Rudi. “It was about the procedure in the way it was done. The court held that you could change these rules, but you have to pass some laws that talk about it. Because the laws you have right now you say religious freedom should be respected as much as possible.”

Video Two – Top cases in 2015

As of March 15, 2016, in an effort to decrease the burden on the Canadian immigration system and increase security, many overseas visitors will need to fill out a new electronic application before visiting.

“The idea is to push the perimeter out,” says Rudi. “We have an agreement with other countries that we are going to try to share security and increase security. This gives immigration an opportunity to reject somebody before they even get on the plane.”

Video Three – Changes coming in 2016

And of course, the biggest immigration story in 2015 was, and is, the Syrian refugee crisis and Canada’s humanitarian efforts. Some media are reporting refugees are expected to bring an economic benefit to the country.

“Probably not since the Vietnamese boat people have we seen refugee resettlement captivate the media and captivate the Canadian public. But in terms of the economic advantage, I think that’s asking a lot of our refugees,” says Rudi.

Video Four – Big story of 2015

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