Immigration Litigation

Are you facing loss of status in Canada? Have you been treated unfairly by Canada Border Services Agency, IRCC, or Service Canada? If you are unhappy with the result or how you have been treated, there may be a remedy. Whether it is in Federal Court or at the Immigration and Refugee Board, our lawyers are all experienced litigators.
  • Creative and cost-effective strategies for overcoming refusals
  • Strong background in administrative law relating to Immigration
  • Proven track record at the Immigration & Refugee Board and Federal Court

Our lawyers have successfully represented clients in cases before the Federal Courts and all divisions of the Immigration and Refugee Board. We handle Removal Order Appeals, Residency Appeals, Admissibility Hearings as well as Sponsorship Appeals.

With hundreds of thousands of applications to Canada being filed each year, refusals are inevitable. If someone has been treated unfairly by a tribunal or by an immigration officer, there may be recourse. Under Canada’s immigration laws, almost all refused applicants have the right to seek leave for judicial review of their failed/refused applications. In addition, most permanent residents and most sponsors also have rights to appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board.

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